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Choosing the right supplier for your project is essential. It is a make it or break it situation. We at Jimmy’s make every client and job a top priority, so you can rest assured that we won’t try to fool you with unrealistic promises. Check out 7 principles that are embedded in everything we do.

Jimmy Technologies started as a concept where we wanted to do things differently because we were unhappy with many bad habits common in the IT industry. We recently wrote about 8 unfair practices used by development agencies, so you might want to read that as well to save your budget. …

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IT development is a complex process where knowledge means power. In an agency-client relationship, the client often draws the shorter straw. Why? Simply because he might not be an expert in the IT game, the agency is. And even when the client is knowledgeable, he still wants to focus on his core business and let the agency do its job, which makes him dependable on the agency’s advice and solution. Dev houses with insufficient moral credit can easily exploit such an imbalance. Here is what to do about it.

Let’s start with a short story. I recently saw a LinkedIn post from a copywriter saying that her clients asked for help with a new horrible website, without any SEO setup, bad UX, and visible bugs. The website was built by a well-known agency for quite a lot of money. The agency didn’t care; otherwise, they wouldn’t deliver it in such a bad shape. …


Jimmy Technologies

Jimmy dev house. We are changing the game of IT outsourcing. We pride ourselves on quality development without unnecessary costs and open communication.

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